UNDEFINED – Sapna Bhakta

Sapna Bhakta is a Marketing Specialist at New Balance. When I told her I was going to go outside and photograph her through the window, she was surprisingly OK with it.
Sapna Bhakta is a Marketing Specialist at New Balance.

As part of our UNDEFINED project, Ooh St. Lou will be sharing bios of the women featured in the original shoot.

Your Name:

Sapna Bhakta

What do you do?

Relationship Marketing Specialist for New Balance Athletic, INC. I also build/design websites.

What prompted you to take part in the UNDEFINED project?

I truly loathe this “pay to play” game the STLBJ was trying to front.

Also, the lack of women of color made me want to step up to show and voice mine.

What stereotyping have you faced in your career, and how have you handled it?

I have so many “mansplaining” stories to probably make you crawl into a hole and stay there. I am learning to stop saying “sorry” and “does that make sense?”

I have realized I have always said that to men to soften the words I say and to seem less aggressive when I input my opinions/suggestions/ideas and/or facts.

©2016 OohStLou
©2016 OohStLou

Where can people find out more about you/what you do?

Instagram: @sapz Twitter: @saprocks

The Undefined project explores and is a response to sexism in local media, for more information see our original post on the project. UNDEFINED will be on display at SOHA gallery in January 2017, visit the Facebook event page for more information on the show.

What do YOU think?

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