Hire Me

I love telling stories. Let me help tell yours.

The work I produce for Ooh St. Lou is a passion project—but the work that pays the bills is my freelance photography and videography via Ooh St. Lou Studios.

I’ve spent my a career as a marketing professional, and in addition to photography and videography services, I can also offer both creative and copywriting services for your project needs. I’m available for:

  • Headshots and portraits
  • Video overviews of your organization or business
  • Video interviews of your CEO or board members
  • On-site photography of your business, event or performance
  • Portrait retouching
  • Copywriting for PR, social media and websites
  • Document layout and copy editing

I bring more than fifteen years of marketing expertise to all of my work, and will  help you determine the best direction for your project.

See my photography portfolio and pricing guide here.

Contact me at susan@oohstlou.com for day/project rates, and see my 2017 video demo reel below.

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